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Text books are included in the tuition for one day classes. (CNA & HCA Programs texts are extra.   Attend an Informational Meeting to learn more about the application process.)

We encourage you to pick your books several days prior to class unless you prefer the books be mailed.  To have a book mailed, please add the mailing service to your shopping cart.

Paymentis required at the time of registration.  If you do not wish to pay on line today do not complete this form.  Instead stop by to pay in person

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Re-Taking a test- If you are paying to retake a test, click here for more information

Re-issuing Certificates - there is a fee of $15 to reissue an original certificate.  Call or email for more information.

Business Accounts- click here for more information about being invoiced.  Already have an account and want to authorize the invoice right now, click here.

Classes by appointmentare limited and require payment in full 48 hours prior to your appointment. There is an additional fee of $10 per class by appointment.  When using the shopping cart you will have an option to indicate your preferred day.  The scheduling coordinator will confirm date and time with you.

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Payment is required at the time of registration. 

Please keep in mind that tuition is not reimbursable after the first day of class.  If you need to change the class date, please call or email PRIOR to the start of class.

Add as many classes as you like.  If you want different months, just let us know (example "CPR in July, Dementia in August")

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Nurse Delegation $55.00
Insulin Delegation (see prerequisites) $55.00
Adult CPR/Standard First Aid $65.00
Core Training (text included) $210.00
Continuing Education class (3 ceus) $35.00
Cont Ed by appoinment $15 per hour (1 ceu)
Dementia Level 1 $75.00
Mental Health Caregiving $65.00
Population Specific Traiing (18 hrs) $175.00
Orientation and Safety (5 hours) $35.00
HIV-AIDS (7 hours) $35.00
Mail Nurse Delegation text $5.00
Mail Insulin Delegation text $5.00
Mail Caregiver Dementia text $5.00
Mail Caregiver Mental Health text $5.00
Mail core text $5.00
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PPD test $25
Seasonal Flu shot $28
Stethoscope $15
BP cuff $35
Retest fee $35 (read retest instructions first)
Replacement certificate $15 each
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