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      Mental Health and
Dementia Specialty Training

DSHS has rolled out a new curriculum for Mental Health. 

Here's the deal.  No more Mental Health Manager or Mental Health Caregiver.  The new course is called Mental Health Capable Caregiver, Level One.  It is an 8 hour course.  The text is included in the tuition. We encourage you to pick up your text a few days before the class since there is so much good information.


I need the Manager Mental Health...does this course meet DSHS requirement for Managers.  

Yes this class meets training criteria for Mental Health specialty training. One class fits all.  No more specific manager lcass

But I took the old Caregiver Mental Health and now I need managers

After September 1, it is not possible to take the old Mental Health classes.  If you have the old caregiver certificate but are working as a manager, you should take the new Mental Health Level One. 

I already have Manager Mental Health - what's up with this new class?

You don't have to take the new class, but your new staff will.  You might want to so you are prepared. 

Check back for updates.

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